Notifon, the notifying object.

Transform any object into a notifying object!

Notifon is a wireless Internet-connected device that sends you instant notifications based on real life events.

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That's all about notifications

Notifon can send Push notifications on your SmartPhone (iPhone, Android or Windows Phone) or send Tweets, Emails or even make your Karotz speak.

Give it a voice

Use the speech synthesis of your Karotz as a way to receive notifications.

Manage your notifications

A year ago we launched PushingBox, the cloud where you can manage your notifications. Each real life event launches a scenario on which you can attach multiple actions like send Push+Tweet+Email. All this in real time.

Attach picture

Got an Internet camera? Attach real time pictures to your Email and Tweet notifications.

Don't wanna wait for Notifon?

It's ok, you can do it yourself. We posted tutorials and source code on how to use an Arduino as a trigger of PushingBox. Of course, PushingBox is free.

Because design matters

Smart and beautiful. With a curved white glossy design, Notifon is the kind of technology you don't want to hide.

Available soon

Finally, what can Notifon do for you?

Know when your garage door is open or closed by sending you a Push notification or an Email.

Know when somebody rings at your doorbell by sending you a Push and an Email with an attached picture of the person (require an Internet camera).

Know when you have mail in your mailbox by making your Karotz speak and sending a tweet (with the picture of the postman? ;-) ).

Build a cool Twittering toaster like @mytoaster!

Know when your kids are back home by putting Notifon on your entry door.

Be alerted of a water leak (like in this video).

Build a Notifying Cat Door for your cat! (cc @PepitoTheCat)
If you want to know if he's entering or going out, you will need two Notifon Nodes.


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